On July 15th, 2018 our beautiful daughter was born. She was premature by a month due to preeclampsia which caused danger to our daughter as well as mom.

Unwant what you now want so badly and start finding joy in what you have.

What happens if we don’t truly understand each other? 

So by now, everyone is aware of the current situation in that we are experiencing a global epidemic. I have thought quite a bit about what to write here, since it seems to be such a relevant topic to write on. Then again, I can’t really add anything to what is already there. Especially scientifically. If anything, there is already too much misinformation. No need for me to add to that.

Some years ago my life was (apparently) fairly simple. Yet, during those years I never felt that those were my fairly simple years. I struggled with quite a few things but had yet to discover the challenge of spending time wisely.

And it’s not the wandering that bugs me, it’s the throat-grabbing feeling of restlessness that I experience at those times that I am wandering. It is in the knowing that I wander that I stress out. It is knowing that when I am stressing out, there is really no valid reason for me to do so.

Soon it became clear to me that I liked shooting DSLR camera’s and that I wanted to continue this pursuit even after I returned from the tour. Through various stages I ended up having quite the setup which included a full frame DSLR by Nikon and Carl Zeiss prime lenses. It was a dream setup of mine that I never expected to get rid off.

But then I did, and here’s why…

Most of us believe that a certain skill or aspect of their lives, whether it be their job, a hobby, a dozen throphies or a physical feature, is the measurement to which we compare our selfbeing. Not only is this tremendously shallow, it is by nature false.

They ask me why I teach and I reply

At this point there is a huge debate going on in the Netherlands on how to improve the educational system. A prediction is that in 2020, 55.000 children will not be able to attend elementary school simply because there are no teachers. 

current favorite albums

As a musician I love to discover albums that move me though I must admit that this doesn’t happen quite as often as it did in the past. Especially when you just start out and try to figure everything out on guitar or whatever is it that you play, the world is your musical oyster. Everything inspires you.

Recently, I have found a few albums that I like listening to at the moment.

3 books you should read!

In this blog I want to share with you three of my favorite books that I think you should read too. They have had a positive impact on my life and in some cases made all the difference. 

Let me introduce myself.

As long as I can remember I am fond of writing. I am not particularly good at it in the sense that I feel I have a talent for writing, but I do enjoy it very much. From the age of fifteen I have been writing on and off in several ways to express my thoughts and feelings. Eventually it fell out of fashion and I fell out of writing. This time I’m trying again. Not because it fell into fashion, but because I think there is value in sharing experiences. With me, those experiences will mainly concern fatherhood, music, books, photography, productivity and education as I will be receiving my bachelor in teaching next year.

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